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We are a husband-and-wife team committed to creating new, innovative, and engaging ways to make a positive difference in our community. One area of particular interest and passion for us is to help reduce the levels of food insecurity people are experiencing around us, To this end, we are establishing a unique “Currency of Caring” dignified dining meal token program. These tokens, which can be purchased at various locations in the community and redeemed in the Space Shuttle Café or at our other Soulcial Kitchen mobile food trucks, provide a simple but powerful opportunity for local citizens to gift a meal to the homeless or hungry person. More importantly, we believe the physical act of engaging a person in need by handing them a token can spark an opportunity to start a conversation. By creating this brief exchange of shared connections between two humans, we are making the most of the moment by demonstrating genuine care and concern while affirming the innate value of the person receiving the gift.

Though we realize gifting someone a meal from any of our mobile restaurants is not going to solve the complex problem of homelessness or food insecurity in our immediate surroundings, we are hopeful it can inspire someone who can affect these issues more directly to do something. Be it providing legal services, writing stories, or designing web sites, our mission is to help humanize those experiencing these problems in a tangible way so those gifting the currency of caring tokens can then perhaps choose to bring their own gifts, talents, passions, and professions to bear in helping others in need…one person at a time.